Temp to Hire Services

Prefer to try before you buy?

Connexion's proven temp-to-hire program is the solution that you are looking for. Often Connexion will provide our clients with a consultant that they can't bear to see go. If they have the headcount available, they work with Connexion to convert the temporary consultant to a fulltime employee. Another scenario may be a position where the hiring manager would like to evaluate a candidate before making a commitment to a fulltime employment offer.

In every scenario, our clients depend on Connexion for our staffing solutions. With access to a database that is unequaled in the industy, our staffing specialists can identify top candidates who can help you accomplish your specific goals.

Our clients have found that Connexion's temp-to-hire program provides them with a cost-effective hiring solution. Additional benefits include the ability to judge a candidate's productivity and ability to fit into the companies culture.

Contact your Connexion rep today to learn how we can implement a temp-to-hire program for your company.